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Image courtesy of Ricardo Liberato

Sex in the credit crunch

by Adriana Mendez

When times are tough, people are forced to buckle down and focus on the necessities of life. By this I mean the absolute essentials: food, shelter and of course, sex.

Visiting museums, window shopping, gossiping or just staying home and watching TV are a few popular activities when there is not much cash to splash. But when it comes to inexpensive entertainment, one activity tops the chart: SEX

“At difficult times, everyone wants things that make you feel good and are free, and fortunately sex offers both”, said Jonathan Gradner, 30, an investment banker.

According to 25 year old Phil Maeyer, “Girls understand you can't go out for dinner or to the movies as often, so they are much more willing to come over and ‘watch a movie at home’ instead. If you do everything right, that can turn into a great night”.

“I lost my job at Barkleys, but sex is something no boss can take from me”, said 28 year old William Moriarty.

“If you can't go out as often you stay in, but you still have lots of energy, so you just turn it to other activities. My boyfriend and I are quite enjoying the recession”, confessed 26 year old Laura Cox.  

Facts and Figures

Young people may be spending less on restaurants and entertainment, but not necessarily on the quality of their sex lives.

Women might do without a new pair of shoes and men can live with less pints at the bar, but when it comes to cutting expenses, sex is not an option.

“I have to cut off certain luxuries and perhaps buy less stuff, but condoms, that is something I will be happy to be buying more of”, saild Mike Thorney, 24.

According to Forbes there has been an incease in the sales of condoms in the last couple of months.

Sex manufacturers such as Durex and are diversifying their product range to meet the growing demand. Lubricants, sex toys and even disposible ring vibrators are now attractive purchases.

But they are not the only winners of the “bed-in crunch”. According to the New York Times lingerie manufacturers and sex toys shops are also increasing their sales during the downturn.

It seems like no matter how tough circumstances are, people will still have sex.

10 reasons for the sexy recession

  1. If you get laid off, try to get laid

  2. It is free (or it can be)

  3. Those with more free time, have more time for bedroom activities.

  4. Since bars are filled with the unemployed by three p.m., drunken hookups have more time to slur pickup lines at strangers and more chances to get successful.

  5. After losing a job, many can't afford also to lose a partner.

  6. People need to feel good about themsleves and sex can be an ego boost.

  7. When we feel anxious or threatened, we feel like we want to be closer to other people, to bond, sometimes without clothes.

  8. Instead of driving separately to the gym, save gas money and gym subscriptions and have athletic sex instead.

  9. The hormone's cycle counters the Dow Jones.

  10. It is one of the few fun activities that is not yet taxed.

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